Season 1, Episode 4: Stop the leak!

Gille Raymond

co-founder co-CEO

Data Collection
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In our previous episode, the investigation conducted by the Edgee team revealed a significant lie. It showed that in all analytics, a quarter of the users, representing a third of the usage, are missing from the data. This gap puts any data-centric company in a paradoxical position, making decisions based on inaccurate data. A more advanced investigation identified three reasons preventing the collection of accurate data: regulations, adblockers, and web performance

It is interesting to note that all data regarding financial information and transactions is collected on the server side. Since financial data and payments are highly sensitive, they need to be completely secured and 100% accurate. Consequently, the collection and processing of this data occur outside the client side.

So why are we not collecting usage data on the server side? The main reason is the negative impact on performance. Collecting information on the server side adds hundreds of milliseconds, resulting in a poor user experience.

And here comes the edge.

In recent months, a new technology has become a reality by reaching a critical mass in terms of deployment: edge computing. Edge computers are servers with computing capacities deployed worldwide to be close to users. With this multi-point global infrastructure and its distributed computing power, the edge can collect and manage data without impacting the performance of the service.

We open the path for you

At Edgee, as you can guess 😁 we are big fans of edge solutions. We believe that edge computing is the solution to stop the big lie, prevent the loss of key data, and respect the privacy of our users. We know this problem is global; in fact, we have yet to encounter a company that doesn't face this issue, even if it sometimes takes time for them to realize it.

So we have been working for the last 6 months on how to make things easy for anyone who wants to assess and solve the issue.

First, to ease the assessment of data loss, we developed a data collection audit tool. To estimate your data loss, simply enter your site’s URL and let Edgee identify the gaps in your data collection. The tool is free and available to any registered user here.

If you want to solve the issue by collecting data at the edge, we are launching a data collection component in 2 different ways so that you can evaluate, test, and deploy as you wish.

  • Full Open Source: Because data collection is a sensitive subject and a massive problem in terms of the number of companies and potential damage, we decided to make our code available to all. This guarantees you can check it, understand the technology, and deploy it on your infrastructure completely free.

  • Managed Service: This is Edgee's plug-and-play solution. We provide a one-stop shopping solution based on our infrastructure that is easy to deploy and free to start.

To discover the offer, follow the link here.

This was the last episode of season 1. Do not cry ☹️ we will be back.

What is next ?

We will come back for a new season with announcements and good news. We see the edge as a full journey and a magic opportunity to rethink the way we think, work, and execute our services. It is only the start!

Demo day

On July 18th at 5pm CET we’re holding our first Demo Day. Everyone welcome to join to learn about the current state and the roadmap to our open source technology. Click this link to access the event.