The open source platform offering a set of edge computing services.

Google Analytics, AB Tasty, Amplitude, Piano Analytics… can now run at the edge without being blocked or requiring user consent.

Elevate your Analytics,
capture every interaction at the edge.

Did you know that, on average, you might be missing analytics on a quarter of your users, accounting for a third of total user activity? Introducing our premier service, Data Collection, now live and designed to help you capture 100% of user interactions. Stream data directly into your analytics tools and gain unparalleled insights without delays or loss due to blockers.

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What is Edgee?

Edge your apps your own way

Edgee is an open source platform that enables client-side SDKs to operate as components directly at the network edge, transforming how workloads and data are processed across the internet.

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Why Edgee?
Edgee empowers developers to build and deploy edge-oriented applications.

This approach to application development harnesses the potential of edge computing, enabling workloads to run closer to users than ever before.
Follow your way
Edgee is available the way you want:
  • 100% Open Source: Use it as you wish, add your edge components, install it freely.
  • Managed Service: Edgee team supports integration and manages the service for you, making your life easier.
What are the offers ?
  • Data collection: 100% of your data, 100% compliant with regulation, 100% secured
  • AB Testing: Instant reaction, universal reach (coming soon)
  • Security: DDoS Protection, Bot Management, Data Encryption

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Straight to the edge

Make it simple, make it fast, make it last

Unlock the full potential of edge computing with Edgee. Designed for simplicity and speed, our platform ensures that your applications not only perform faster but also have the resilience to last.

Smooth Experience:
Enjoy a seamless development process with top-quality documentation.
Flexible Options:
Choose from Open Source or Managed Service.
Robust Infrastructure:
If you choose our managed services, you’ll benefit from over 100 points of presence worldwide and global capacity of >300 Tbps thanks to Edgee’s unrivalled offering.
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Data Collection

Capture every events, real-time and compliant

Experience the edge with Edgee’s Data Collection service. Harness powerful analytics solutions directly at the network’s edge to capture and analyze every user interaction as it happens. Whether you Google Analytics, Amplitude or any other analytics tool, and even if it’s your own first party analytics solution. Our edge-driven approach ensures not only speed but full compliance with data protection laws, giving you the power to make informed decisions without delay.

  • Complete Data Visibility: Secure a 360-degree view of user interactions with no data loss, ensuring comprehensive insights.
  • Unwavering Legal Compliance: Seamlessly meet global data privacy standards, upholding user trust and legal integrity
  • Insights: Access real-time analytics to rapidly respond to user needs and market changes.

AB Testing

Optimize experience without degrading performance

Edgee’s AB Testing service revolutionizes how you optimize user experiences. Implement dynamic AB testing frameworks that instantly adjust based on real user interactions, conducted directly at the edge to eliminate latency. This ensures every visitor experiences the best your site has to offer, regardless of their location.

  • Zero Latency Optimization: Make real-time adjustments to your site that keep pace with user behavior.
  • Consistent User Experiences: Deliver optimized experiences to every user, everywhere, ensuring high satisfaction and engagement.


Proactive Protection at the Edge

Enhance your application’s security with Edgee’s comprehensive edge-native security solutions. Deploy powerful defenses like DDoS mitigation, bot management, and data encryption directly at the edge—preventing threats from ever reaching your core infrastructure while maintaining optimal performance.

  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation: Protect your operations from disruptive service attacks with proactive edge defenses.
  • Effective Bot Management: Filter out malicious traffic without affecting genuine user access.
  • Secure Data Encryption: Ensure your sensitive data is encrypted with the highest security standards, right at the point of entry.