Season 1, Episode 1: Edgee is coming for you

Sacha Morard

co-founder co-CEO

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Dear friends,

WOW, we've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support from CTOs, VC partners and data managers on both sides of the Atlantic since we announced Edgee. Thank you for following us and keeping up to date with Edgee's journey.

Since the Edgee trailer was launched on January 1 with Gilles Raymond and myself, our journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. One of our initial missions was to reinforce our core team with another technical visionary. In February 2024, we welcomed Alex Gravem as co-founder. His expertise has played an essential role in the development of our platform.

Alex and I focus on the technological backbone, and Gilles spearheads our pre-seed funding efforts. Only two months in, and we've made significant progress in bringing Edgee closer to you.

I wanted to pass on this message and let you know that we're working hard to make Edgee a reality. This post will be brief, as I have a lot to do... Stay tuned for more info soon.

Only for the tech girls and boys 🤠, here's a snapshot of our achievements thus far.

  • Edge Infrastructure (Rust and WebAssembly): Services are already on across the globe, boasting over a hundred points of presence. We're proud of our platform's low latency, high performance, infinite scalability, and a staggering 313Tbps of bandwidth capacity. And it’s just the beginning ;)
  • Console (NextJS): We've laid the foundation for an exceptional developer experience within our control plane. Key features like Login, Register, Email Verification, Password Recovery, User Settings, and Organization & Edge Project Management are operational. Our mission: offer you a seamless user interface.
  • API (Golang): The backbone of Edgee, our API, has been developed using Go for its simplicity, efficiency, and robust support for concurrent tasks - a testament to our commitment to reliability and scalability in the cloud-native era.

What will happen on the Episode 2?

In the next episode, Alex and I will integrate our first third-party analytics technologies and finalize the client-side sdk in webassembly, while Gilles will continue his discussions with investment funds, and hopefully bring you some very good news.